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By: Patrick Environmental  09-12-2011
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Patrick Environmental
specializes in identifying environmental risks and opportunities, and in developing practical environmental management solutions to ensure compliance and improve environmental performance. 

We can save you time and money as we focus our efforts on cost-effective and practical solutions.  Patrick Environmental will provide you with solid support as you liaise with regulators, financial institutions and members of the community to negotiate approaches to solve issues.

Patrick Environmental teams with other consultants, if necessary, to ensure you have the strongest team possible to ensure success.

Patrick Environmental offers the following services:

Environmental and Social Due Diligence Audits

Patrick Environmental works for both lenders and borrowers to conduct environmental and social due diligence reviews for financing acquisitions and projects, and for governing bodies.  With our extensive airport experience, we readily identify liabilities and work with you to find cost-effective solutions. 

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Patrick Environmental brings a different approach to Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.  Instead of a “one firm does it all” approach, we take a management approach.  If you have to do an environmental and social impact assessment, why not make it work for you?  We ensure that the process to undertake the impact assessment is fully integrated into the project design process.  We believe you should utilize all of the design activities and studies to collect the necessary information for the impact assessment.  With this approach, you limit the number of additional “environment only” technical studies. 

Environmental Management Systems

Patrick Environmental thinks that producing manuals that sit on shelves collecting dust does not benefit anyone.  We will work with you to create an environmental management system that is integrated into your business practices to drive continual improvement.  Patrick Environmental advises you to share components of your management systems between the safety (SMS) quality (QMS) and environmental (EMS) management systems.  Did you consider an Airport Management System?

Environmental and Social Management Plans

Patrick Environmental can help you prepare environment and social management plans that describe your systems and actions to operate in compliance with applicable requirements and to drive continual improvement.  Plans need to be integrated into your business planning and budgeting cycle.  Patrick Environmental will assist you to set objectives and targets that are right for your business.  We will also help you develop measuring and monitoring programs to report your performance.

Environmental Training

Patrick Environmental will train your environment staff to have the confidence to manage the environmental programs and facilitate change.  We provide ongoing support to local staff to assist them as required.

Problem Solving

Patrick Environmental believes that if your plans and systems are robust and well planned, you should be prepared to resolve any problem.  Patrick Environmental will help you consider alternatives and take action to get control of any environmental problems that evolve. 

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