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By: Christin Boyd, Bowen Technique Practitioner  09-03-2012
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Bowen Technique (Bowenwork) is a gentle hands-on treatment originating from Australia. The connective tissue of the body is activated sending signals through the nervous system to the brain to encourage the body's own healing mechanisms. It is akin to hitting a bunch of reset buttons in the body.

Bowen allows the body to regulate itself. The symptoms of a disorder are not always indicative of the actual ailment. A Bowen practitioner never diagnoses, they simply perform the procedures and the client’s body does the rest. This technique addresses the root cause as well as the symptoms, thus results in lasting relief. Some clients come with specific complaints; others come for relaxation, to boost the immune system or to enhance sports performance

Bowen FAQ
What can I expect during a session?
The client may be fully clothed (though loose or stretchable clothing is recommended). A session generally lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. During the treatment, precise, gentle moves are made interspersed with rest periods which allow each set of moves to integrate into the body.
What can I expect after a session?
Immediately after a session, clients often report feeling relaxed yet energised. Bowen continues to work after the session. During this time you may feel different sensations as your body adjusts itself. Other manual therapies should be avoided during this time.
How many treatments are necessary?
You may experience a complete recovery after only one session. Most clients need two or three treatments, optimally one week apart.
Can I receive a Bowen treatment?
Bowen is so gentle that anyone from newborn babies to the elderly can benefit from this holistic technique. It’s perfectly safe for pregnant women.

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