Out West Switchplates - Unique, decorative, metal, cover plates. Made in Canada

By: Out West Switchplates  09-12-2011
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Out West Switchplates - Unique, decorative, metal, cover plates. Made in Canada.

After hand-hammering steel sheets to an eye-pleasing texture, switchplates are then precision cut from these sheets using computer controlled machines; each switchplate is cut to an exact shape to fit standard North American electrical light switches and outlets.

The holes for screws are counter-sunk to ensure that they are well seated in the switchplate.       Please note: Matching screws are included.

The backs of the plates are concave, so the plate will sit nice and flat on the wall without any adjustment to the electrical outlet or switch. 

A highly durable powder coat finish is applied with a heat cure process creating a washable surface.  Not only is this finish tougher than conventional paint, it has a lower VOC rating (volatile organic compounds) thereby making it more environmentally friendly.

Canadian made . . .  from steel sheets to individual switchplates.

This line of wall plates has been especially popular with interior designers, builders and homeowners for log and timber frame homes.  They add a unique touch to conventional living and work spaces and are a beautiful compliment to your wrought iron decor.  Imagine the finish of your rooms where the switchplate covers match the staircase railing or the light fixtures.  Whether building or renovating, consider adding this handsome touch to your space.

 While we offer several options for electronic payment (Pay Pal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express), if you prefer to deal directly with a real person and to send your payment by cheque or money order, please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail as indicated on our Contact Page.  We are always happy to talk to our customers!

As our plates are hand-hammered and individually pressed, they will vary in texture.  Due to the intrinsic nature of steel, there may be subtle variations in color.  This is part of the beauty of hand-crafted, artisan products.

Keywords: Wrought Iron