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By: Neutral Ground Services  09-12-2011
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How Debt Settlement Works

If you currently owe more than $5,000 in unsecured debt and are struggling to maintain your monthly payments then debt settlement may be the perfect solution for you.   Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation, debt arbitration or debt reduction, is a proactive, aggressive, legal approach used to resolve unsecured debt problems.  Our debt settlement program is an economically viable way to lower one's debt load and is customized to take into consideration each individual client's capacity and resources to settle.

The effectiveness of this program is not only due to the services and the expertise of Neutral Ground's team but it is also due in part to the courage and committment of our clients to resolve their debt problems.  Many of our clients have completed the debt settlement program in less than 24 months and have ventured forward in their lives with a better understanding of their finances and a pledge to never become slaves to debt again.

Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our team members, all it will take is a few minutes of your time. 

Our Guarantee

Neutral Ground does not acquire monthly fees or interest and we guarantee to never add to your debt load.  Our fee is determined by your savings.  We are here to look out for the best interests of our clients and therefore our incentive is to negotiate the most favourable settlements on your behalf. 

Negotiate, Alleviate and Educate

Our role is not only to negotiate with your best interest in mind with your creditors, but to alleviate the stress placed on you by their intrusive, persistent methods of collecting.  Here at Neutral Ground we believe that "education is power" and we are proud to know that our clients will move on from this experience with a greater understanding of the debt and credit industry and their own finances. 

Our Ideal Client

Ø          You owe at least $5,000 in unsecured debt

Ø          You can not continue making monthly minimum payments

Ø          Creditors and collectors are calling

Ø          You're considering claiming bankruptcy

Ø          You are serious about finding a way to eliminate your debt load

Other Debt Resolution Options

The old saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat" and although we are confident and proud of our debt settlment program, we encourage potential clients to investigate the alternatives before committing to a course of action. The other common programs available to Canadian consumers at this time are:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Credit counselling 
  • Bankruptcy     

If you would like to learn more about the service we offer, please take a moment and call our toll free number 1 (877) 629-1983.

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Keywords: creditors, debt, Debt Settlement Program