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By: Bawtree Software Contracting  09-12-2011

iPhone App Development

What does the iPhone mean to you? When we look at an iPhone we see an opportunity for expression. With a seamless multitouch screen, always on connections and plethora of sensors the iPhone truly offers an amazing canvas on which to paint. Share with us your creative ideas and our skilled team will transform your ideas into a product that matches your vision.

The Bawtree Software team has been developing iPhone Apps since the fall of 2007 - 3 months after the launch of the original iPhone. Our team works tirelessly to ensure all parts of your App follow not just Apples guidelines, but also its best practices. We will help insure your idea makes it through the App Store approval process so you can get to business as quickly as possible.

iPad App Development

With a rich, large screen and intuitive touch interface the iPad can, and does, revolutionize how people do business. Each and every day we see new and exiting iPad apps created that change how people think and work. Some days we get to build those apps ourselves, **those are our favorite** :). Our engineers and designers enjoy building iPad apps more than anything else.

So many of you have ideas. Great ideas, that fit so seemlessly with the iPad that it gets us excited to be a part of them. If you are thinking about solving a problem and you feel an iPad app might be what you are looking for, then talk to us. We have the experience and we have the passion. Let us show you what is possible and make your idea come to life.

Mac App Development

Mobile applications are great for a lot of things, but not everything. The desktop still has its place and until that changes we will continue to build great Mac desktop apps to meet our clients business needs. Custom desktop software can give your company the competitive edge, it can reduce staffing or increase productivity. Whatever your goals, we can build you a desktop app to help you meet them.

Web Applications & Client/Server

Complex systems require teams with experience and training. Do you know if your idea could benefit from a web app? We can help. We can design and build full web applications that integrate with your existing systems. Some of the best mobile applications are great because of the way they seemlessly interact with a web application.

A web application can extend the reach of your product by cost effectively providing access to all platforms – Android, Blackberry, Apple iOS, Windows 7 Phone, and desktop computers. We can help you to understand the benefits/drawbacks of making your app on the web so that you can make an informed decision.

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