By: Meadowbrook Farm  09-12-2011

Arugula is also known as Roquette. The varieties that we grow are extra tender, rich and tangy, with a touch of peppery heat. It has a strong flavour for a leafy green, and is included in the spicy greens mixture as well as sold on it's own.  

We grow arugula every month of the year, but we notice seasonal variations in texture and flavour. It is delicious in sandwiches, hot or cold. In Florida,an Italian chef gave me this recipe. On a hot cooked pizza, add chopped arugula. As it wilts,it will add flavour akin to fresh basil. Simply delicious!

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Mesculn Mix

We make adjustments to our Mesclun recipe according to how strong and healthy the plants grow, how well they present themselves after harvest, and what natural disease resistance is inherent in the seed. There are dozens of varieties to choose from, and we like the colours, flavours and textures of our mixes. We have experimented with several varieties of mixed greens in our Mesclun mix.


Spicy Greens

Spicy Greens are more flavourful salad greens and include international ingredients such as Early Mizuna, Red Russian Kale, Tatsoi, Arugula, Red and green mustards. Their deep green hues and satisfying flavours make incredible winter feasts, needing little or no dressing.


Meadowbrook Farm Products

They are always delivered within 24 hours of harvest resulting in a tender product that is much higher in nutritional value than similar products that have travelled thousands of miles. In winter months even though the greenhouse is kept heated by a wood boiler and given supplemental light, the growth slows down dramatically giving us a bit of a break. Restauranteur and caters are also welcome to purchase direct from the farm by the kilogram.