Latest Novel Published in 2014

Latest Novel Published in 2014 from Authors, J Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands

By: Authors, J Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands  03-06-2014
Keywords: 12th C

Set in modern day, the story begins when a Canadian professor at UVic, (University of Victoria, British Columbia), Emma Walters, receives a phone call informing her that she has inherited a Scottish estate. The catch is that she has two weeks to claim it. With limited information, she arrives in Edinburgh to be met by a friendly Scotsman, Alexander Wallace, who becomes her chauffeur and assistant. He purports to be a direct descendant of the great Scots hero, William Wallace and that they are related through an ancient marriage and a mystery which could change not only their lives ... but history. Prof. Walters discovers, as Alex explains, 'there is much more to this inheritance than a nice house and some lawn to cut.' She is told that if she accepts her inheritance one of her duties will be to solve a 700 year-old family mystery. Up to now, this mystery has stumped all who tackle it, for the story goes back to one of the most exciting and dangerous eras of Scottish history … the beginning of the Wars of Independence in the late 12th century. This is a time period Ms. Walters knows nothing about but her ancestor, Mary Walters (from the 12th century), knows she needs to learn this history quickly. Mary will do all in her immortal power to help her solve it!

Keywords: 12th C

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