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By: Elegant Studio  09-12-2011
Keywords: electrolysis


        Homeopathy involves an intense four year course consisting of philosophy, anatomy and physiology, pathology, remedy
knowledge and clinic. The certification is a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy (DCH). Ongoing seminars continue to enhance
the level of understanding amongst remedies.        Body Alignment Technique consists of five modules studied over several years.        Qi Gong is a three year program leading to the advanced level        Essential oils are powerful healers. Knowledge is integrated with chemistry, nutrition, diseases, application techniques.        Electrolysis is a 500 hour course from the Canadian Electrolysis College.             
Seminars Offered

Alternative Healing:
Its importance in today's world of pollution, electro-magenticc radiation and drug therapies. How to remain healthy.
How to reverse many illnesses. How to shorten the duration of illness in your staff.        Edible Plants of the Wild:
Identification and uses of plants from the Pacific North West.         Beating the Cycle of Allergies

Keywords: electrolysis