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By: Tmi Screenprinting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Production Solution

Our automated wicket dryer is a unique production solution to the challenge presented by slow drying sheet substrates or materials which can’t be subjected to high heats, while at the same time maintaining high production speeds.

Today’s automatic presses can print hundreds or thousands of pieces per hour, but if they require laborious hand racking and unracking, production speeds cannot rise and a bottleneck in production is created during the drying operation.

The wicket dryer automatically grabs the sheets from the press and then carries them in grippers and a wicket tray through a series of drying chambers which gently pass air over the product. Low heating costs and high production speeds along with a reduced footprint are the benefits of Grafica’s wicket drying technology.

The drying chambers are modular after the first section, which houses the stock pick up and discharge, along with the drive motors for the conveyor.  This allows for the addition of increased drying capacity as your production needs increase. Extra wickets and belt drive chain are easily added.

Keywords: Production Solution

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TMI Screenprinting Equipment is a Canadian company based on Vancouver Island working with a group of dedicated manufacturers, fabricators, technicians and training consultants. We deliver increased production and improved quality to our worldwide customer base through innovative machines and training.


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