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By: Digital Synergy  09-12-2011
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Domain Name Server (DNS) registration is a basic requirement for any web site. It involves the registration of your domain name with a DNS registrar which establishes your ownership of your domain name, identifies the persons that are responsible for the administration, technical support and billing of your domain and establishes the Internet location of the web server that hosts your web pages.

FREE Domain Name Consultation

Choosing the right name for your on-line presence ranks as one of the most important things that you do – do the words or phrase make sense to your potential customers, are they easy to remember, is the name available, what TDL should you use, are there trademark issues? These are just some of the considerations; we help you find the right name for your on line presence. Yes, I said free, as in zip, nada – just our little bit to help you get started …

Domain Name Registration

OK, so you have that AWESOME name for your website and now it’s time to get it registered as yours and yours alone. Hmmmm…., there are literally thousands of companies out there that make all sorts of offers and claims to get your business. While you are free to choose from any of them, just know that there are a lot of unscrupulous characters out there. We can help you here because we’ve come to know who’s who out there. Once that’s decided, you can take on the responsibility of registering, managing and remembering to pay for your Domain Name registration yourself OR you can have us manage all of this for you (see Domain Name Management Service below)

Domain Name Management Service

Keywords: Domain Name, web server, web site

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