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By: Digital Synergy  09-12-2011
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Marketing ROI – Getting your Money’s Worth

If you are a new company and you were thinking that an internet based marketing campaign alone would have customers beating a path to your door, good luck! Perhaps, if you have an amazing product that’s featured on the David Letterman or Oprah Winfrey show, this could happen. However, for the rest of us that aren’t so lucky, we need to expand our marketing efforts into other media formats, that being newspaper, magazine, radio, television, billboard, trade shows, technical journals, company vehicles, swag, and whatever other means you can think of to get your web site (your organization, product, service) out into the marquee lights.

Now, obviously, advertising in other media rapidly becomes an expensive proposition; certainly much more expensive than what your web site cost you (on a per view basis). Here’s where your understanding of your product’s market becomes very important. You need to focus on media that gives you the best “bang for your dollar” in reaching your customers. Every product or service offering is different, some have very obvious supporting media solutions, others, not so obvious. Here is where, perhaps, a market survey/analysis would be appropriate in helping your determine your most economical supportive marketing solutions.

Once you’ve deployed advertising by your chosen media channel(s), it is critical that you track customer response to your advertising. This is very important in determining your ROI for your advertising dollar; if you are getting little response via a particular media channel, then perhaps it’s time to shift your dollars to something that works better.

Leveraging your Internet Presence

Search Engine 101

In order for any Search Engine to properly categorize a web site in it’s database requires that very specific information is included in the header of a web page. For example,

There are additional “META” tags in the optimized web page header, the more important ones being:

[META HTTP-EQUIV="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Global Dot Works,web design,web,design,web hosting,hosting,consulting,domain management, site,site design,graphics,graphic design,site maintenance,maintenance,domain,domain name"]
[META HTTP-EQUIV="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Global Dot Works. We provide complete, start to finish, web project management and offer practical solutions for a wide variety of requirements at reasonable cost."]

The META KEYWORD section contains words or expressions that search engine users would type in when looking for web sites like yours. The META DESCRIPTION section contains a simple description of your web site and what it offers. These items, along with your web page TITLE, are stored by search engines for search results pointing to your web site.

Extending your Internet Advertising Reach

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Newsletters and Mailing Lists

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Using your Web Statistics

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Keywords: Marketing, web site, Web Sites

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