WebTeaHouse. Green Tea

By: Webteahouse  09-12-2011

Is there anything that Green Tea can't do?

First of all, it's delicious. Scientist's are also saying that it :

  • keeps your skin beautiful,
  • boosts your immune system
  • boosts your metabolism
  • protects against cancer
  • protects against cholesterol
  • eases arthritis
  • and the list goes on..

Green Tea is fresh and clean tasting with a more subtle flavor than black tea. The first step in green tea processing is pan-firing, or steaming wherein the leaves are exposed to heat to destroy the enzymes that would otherwise cause them to oxidize. The leaves are then rolled or twisted to dry the leaves further. Lastly, they are fired, graded and packed. The whole process takes just one day.

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WebTeaHouse. Tea Samplers

No guessing - just delicious, fresh, high quality tea delivered right to your door or your 'tea drinking' friend, family or business associate. If you know someone that likes a particular type of tea, the "Tea Sampler" packages are a very easy gift. Ingredients and steeping instructions are printed on each label.


WebTeaHouse. Black Tea

Although there are many subtle variations, the basic method of oxidation is as follows: the harvested leaves are withered and then rolled to release the enzymes that will cause oxidation. Black Tea is simply leaves that have gone through a careful oxidation process. Sweeten your breath for improved romance. It provides enough energy to.


WebTeaHouse. Loose Tea

We have personally chosen some of our tea leaves directly from the tea farmer and hope that you will enjoy their flavours as much as we do. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about tea - we will do our best to answer them or find the answer for you. At the Web Tea House we are dedicated to introducing you to some of the finest loose leaf teas available.


WebTeaHouse. Gift Packages

Be sure to please with one of these ideal gifts for that special person that is hard to buy for. Our gift packs are a great way to show someone you care or to say "Thank You". Each clear gift pak is tied with a big "butterfly" bow and curling ribbon. The gift paks all include a variety of four 50 gram packages of tea. Great for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day or any special event. Each package is clearly labeled with the name of the tea.


WebTeaHouse. Gift Certificates

Your recipient may then use the gift certificate online or by mail for any items in the store for one year. As soon as your order is processed, we will send the certificate - unless you request otherwise. Our Gift Certificates can be e-mailed or mailed to your recipient.