By: Vienna Organics  09-12-2011

Our services

We are a full service caterer.

The planning


Once you have chosen on a venue:

  • We meet on site to discuss the general concept, floor plan, menu style, service and overall ideas.
  • we present you with a quote that outlines the menu, service,  rentals & other details.
  • we help you with things like the liquor license, additional insurance when needed, quantity evaluation & other details.

-Finally, on the "D" day comes, all you have to worry about is sit back and have a great time with your friends & family.

The services we offer


  • Customized menus to the occasion and budget
  • Team of professional servers and bartenders
  • We coordinate the rentals at no extra charge
  • We help you plan all the details and timing of the event
  • We help you in the application process of a liquor license

We learned by experience that a guide that outlines all the details and steps would be a great tool to have, for this reason, we can create one for you, customized to the  the event type..

With this very unique tool, we can guide you with all the information needed to help you decide about other things like rentals, wine & drinks, table spacing, menu substance and more..

Call Pascal at

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to get started..