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By: Vetech Dental Laboratory  09-12-2011

Vitallium® 2000

The reflection of perfection.

Patients are demanding greater levels of quality.. and esthetics! The standard has been raised to an even higher level with Vitallium 2000. Now your patients can enjoy even smaller, lighter partial dentures with a more comfortable fit. Totally Bio-compatible with no allergic reaction!

In the mouth the surface resists plaque and always maintains it's high luster. Vitallium 2000 is fracture resistant and adjustable. Esthetic partial denture designs with guaranteed strength, function, and superior fit.


A natural, "metal-free" smile is possible.

EsthetiClasp is truly an esthetic partial denture that offers maximum strength and function. Its unique design is an innovative modification of the back-action clasp design, and a unique lingual retaining clasp. This offers maximum retention with little or no tooth preparation and no facial clasps showing.

The EsthetiClasp offers two conventional designs and a precision or milled alternative to fill the needs of most partially edentulous patients. Improved patient satisfaction with the comfort, strength and hidden beauty of Vitallium® EsthetiClasp!

Lucitone® FRSTM

Lucitone FRS is a flexible resin system that allows you to give your patients partials without unsightly metal clasps. This system is stronger, more stain resistant, and less likely to fracture than similar systems of the past. Because it has the Lucitone name on it, you know that the quality of the material is the best. Lucitone FRS cases are processed using the Success Injection System, so you know that the fit will be exceptional. Prescribe Lucitone FRS for your next particular partial patient. You will be glad you did.


The Cu-Sil Transitional Denture is useful for saving mobile, isolated or periodontally involved teeth. It is comfortable to wear because it prevents stress to teeth often caused by torque-inducing metal partials.

Cu-Sil stabilizes, cushions and splints teeth with an elastomeric gasket that provides retention and seals out food. It is unsurpassed for comfort and esthetics.

There are no special tooth preps or impression techniques to follow with Cu-Sil and it allows low cost add-ons, repairs and relines.

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