Vancouver Gear Works - Gearing and manufacturing

By: Vangear  09-12-2011

VANGEAR has over 175 machines and the capacity to completely machine all types of work. Regular machine shop work, repair work and emergency work receive the same quality service. Quick conversational programming allows for maximum production on our CNC equipment.

Our machining services include large capacity vertical and horizontal boring mills, CNC and conventional engine lathes, drill presses, and planer mills, enabling us to machine a wide range of parts of different shapes and sizes.

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Vancouver Gear Works - Sprockets and arbors

Starting with the Retec design, VANGEAR greatly increased the quality of arbors by using a hobbing method to generate the lobes with very high accuracy, as compared with the traditional method of milling each tooth individually. In response to industry demand for more stable saws for thin kerf sawing, Vancouver Gear developed the original VANGEAR Saw Arbor, which uses an involute tooth form rather than the traditional lobe.