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By: Tecace  09-12-2011


The smart way of viewing a small screen and text into a large view.

  • Easy to use by pressing a camera button on the Samsung BlackJack II
  • Provides speed controllable auto scroll
  • Able to enlarge into various sizes from 120% to 500%

  • Provides various zoom levels.
  • Provides a navigation screen that helps the user to track current view of location.
  • Users can navigate around the screen by using a finger on the touch screen or navigation key on the non touch screen phones.
  • Provides 6 different auto-scroll speeds.
  • Entire screen can be shown with auto scroll functions - horizontal, vertical and zigzag.

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The carousel has 5 main menu, Hot!, Tips, Download, Manuals, and News.The CareAce site is providing essential information and applications to blackjack users. Now, we have prepared CareAce for blackjack, but we are going to keep adding the support services for next Samsung smartphone series. Provide essential information to mobile users, such as blackjack compatible freewares, news and even device patch.


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The easy way to manage and the beautiful way to show photos on your mobile phone. Consequently zoom in and out to browse lots of photos in a small screen. Locate and organize all the photos on your device including a SD card. Edit and add effect to your photos with a few simple manipulation. Able to Pan and Zoom, when the photos are on the slideshow.


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Such as TecAce SPACE apps product is the premium suite for Windows Phone and ceProducts are the application products for Windows CE based systems. TecAce offers a wide-range of software products and services for Windows Phone and Windows CE based systems. We have developed various innovative products for mobile phones with creative ideas. We plan to add more smart and useful products.