TSI Beverage Control Monitoring System (BeerMON

By: Takk  09-12-2011
Keywords: Inventory Management

System Diagram

BeerMon Features

Inventory Management
Easy inventory management of all beverages that you serve. Be able to know your inventory levels at all times and when it's time to restock as well as manage inventory more effectively.

Real Time Information
The data TSI BeerMON provides is both accurate and fast. Real time information will help you reduce slippage and theft.

Variance Reports
BeerMON is able to provide yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even the most current up to the minute reports. Reports may be viewed graphically with our custom charts allowing you to easily spot when the slippage and theft occurs. BeerMON also provides line cleaning statistics that give you the details about the lines that were cleaned, when they were last cleaned, and how much waste occurred when the lines were cleaned.

Web based Access
You can simply login once to access information from all your locations.

Alerts & Notifications
Based on the preferences that you set emails and text messages can be sent to your computer, phone or PDA alerting you when needed.

Secure Information
TAKK Systems ensures the highest level of security backing up your information. The integrity of your information is always safeguarded by our secure servers. You will have total control over your information using it the way you want.

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Keywords: Inventory Management