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By: Super Grocer & Pharmacy  09-12-2011

Walkers are three sided frames that aid balance when walking.  Rollators are wheeled walkers.  There are several types, each suitable to individual needs and demands.

Other variations of the basic walker includes those that have a fold down seat or specialized grips to better spread the weight from the palms.  Each enhances utility at the price of mobility.

Rollators are wheeled walkers.  They come with three or four wheels.  Three wheel versions are lighter, but less stable.  Four wheel variants are more stable, but heavier.  They are ideal for use over longer distances, requiring little effort to move forward while offering good stability.  A toe lift tilts the rollator over low obstacles.  Usually, these come with seats that allow rest stops between destinations.  Unfortunately, the seat also interfere with the gait of the user.

Consideration should be given to where the walker/rollator is to be used.  If there is more than one level involve, and a powered lift is not available, having one for each level would be ideal.  Ideally, one would have a walker for indoor use and another for outdoor use.

Please consult our pharmacist for what will work best for you.  Super Grocer & Pharmacy staff can measure and fit you the right size of walker or rollator.

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