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By: Sonosep Biotech  09-12-2011

SONOSEP TM ultrasonic separators are available on project basis tailored to the technical specifications defined by our customers. Flow rates may range from mL/hour of separation for analytical and research applications, up to hL/hour of separation of suspensions and emulsions, such as for recycling of fluid streams in closed loop industrial processes.

On a project basis, SONOSEP

TM offers engineering support covering as required the full range of application development. Our support ranges from a first evaluation trial to industrial implementation and validation.

Based on the required separation capacity and other application-specific parameters such as particle concentration, type, and size) SONOSEP TM optimizes geometry of acoustic separation chambers and electrical parameters such as power output and frequency of ultrasonic controllers and transducers.

For specific industrial applications, SONOSEP TM


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