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By: Sage Businessvision  09-12-2011
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Managing inventory expenses is critical to running a profitable business. The Sage BusinessVision Inventory Modules help you automate your inventory processes and better understand your inventory levels

Inventory Control

Multiple warehouses, a choice of three costing methods—average cost, FIFO, and LIFO*—multiple units of measure, multiple price lists, promotional pricing, quantity breaks, and vendor pricing are just some of the functions the Sage BusinessVision Inventory module manages. It also handles an unlimited number of serial numbers and SKUs, as well as accompanying images that can be associated directly with inventory items for rapid and easy recognition. Inventory is maintained dynamically, so you always know exactly what’s in stock and where to find it. Automatic tracking of backordered items and stock commitment levels are available onscreen, and numerous reports let you track the sales and usage of parts/components and services. Reorder, backorder, and margin calculations are built right into this versatile module.

When used with Bill of Material, the Inventory module allows you to enter and track data corresponding to regular parts, raw materials, manufactured parts, and kits. Serialized inventory items can be tracked from the time of receipt through invoicing and after-sale monitoring. The Receiving function facilitates the rapid data entry of quantity, location, cost price, and selling price changes when new shipments are received.

*Not available in the Canadian version of Sage BusinessVision.

Order Entry

Sage BusinessVision Order Entry supports unlimited orders, including quotations, layaways, and repeat orders, as well as the automatic or manual backordering of out-of-stock items. Sage BusinessVision ensures your inventory balances are always accurate by drawing down both inventory and nonstock/service items immediately as an order is entered. The system also automatically calculates taxes, revenue, cost of goods, receivables, and more, posting this vital information directly to the General Ledger. It maintains a history of every system-generated invoice, affording in-depth analysis of sales, margins, and profits. When Order Entry is used in conjunction with Sage BusinessVision Bill of Material, all items within the kit or finished goods are automatically drawn from inventory.

Purchase Order

The Sage BusinessVision solution’s automatic posting feature, AutoPost, manages accounting accruals at the time goods are received. Purchase history can be retained indefinitely, and purchase orders may be viewed at any time. You can monitor data by purchase order number, time period, vendor, or part number, and can employ additional filters to specify your desired display or reporting criteria. The optional Multiple Currency Manager makes it easy for purchases to be made and traded virtually anywhere.

Keywords: Inventory Modules

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