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Current Planning Projects

Towards a Sustainable Community
What is your vision for the City of Richmond in 2041?  The City of Richmond is updating its current Official Community Plan to enable the City to better manage social, environmental and economic changes.  For the past 18 months, the City has been gathering community input for the 2041 Update that will guide Richmond's future to 2041.  The first two rounds of community consultation took place in November 2009 and October 2010.  The process has lead to the preparation of the draft OCP Update Concept.

The Proposed 2041 OCP Concept 
The purpose of the 2041 OCP Update Concept is to present the draft vision, goals, objectives and general land use principles upon which the 2041 OCP Update can be prepared. A New Online Web Based Discussion Forum

As part of the OCP consultation process, the City has introduced a new interactive online discussion forum to make it easier for people to discuss OCP topics of interest to them.Beginning on Saturday, May 28, 2011, the online forum will be focussed on the proposed 2041 OCP Update Concept and we want to know what you think.May - June 2011 (3rd Round) OCP Consultation Open Houses
A series of public open houses were held between May 28 to June 15, 2011 to gather input on the proposed 2041 OCP Update Concept.  In addition, the results of the second round of public feedback from the October 2010 public consultation process was made available.  Input was sought regarding planning for the densification of the eight shopping malls outside the City Centre and about possible coach houses and granny flats in certain neighbourhoods (Richmond Gardens, Edgemere and Burkeville).You can view the OCP Update Concept in the display boards below.

Granny Flat and Coach House Survey
We would like to know what property owners/tenants in Burkeville, Richmond Gardens and Edgemere think about the possible granny flat and coach house options.  Please complete the survey form below by Thursday June 30, 2011 to let us know what you think.

Granny Flat and Coach House Display Boards
You can view the granny flat and coach house dispaly boards below or come to one of the three public open houses.

2041 OCP Update Reports


November 2009 OCP Public Survey Results
The results of the November 2009 OCP survey are available in the link below.  In June 2010 Council considered the OCP survey results, the next steps to complete the OCP update, and the progress on the main OCP studies.

Some of the main OCP studies include a Demographic and Employment Study, a 2009 - 2041 Employment Lands Study, and an OCP Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Management Study Update.  It is anticipated that most OCP studies will be completed by November 2010 at which time they will be posted on this website.  More details on the purpose of these studies are outlined in the section below "Main Studies for the OCP Update".OCP Survey Highlights
In general, Richmond residents indicate the following:
  • Richmond City Council is doing many things right and those who responded want this to continue and improve;
  • The City has a strong potential, as its building blocks (e.g., City Centre densification, Canada Line, ALR preservation, sustainability policies and efforts) will enable the City to move towards being a more sustainable community with:
    • strong political leadership;
    • senior government assistance;
    • mixed use and densification at key places; and
    • improved transportation, natural areas, parks and green space.

Richmond residents are willing to do more and make changes to make their community more sustainable.  These changes include taking transit instead of their cars, eating more locally grown food and making energy improvements to their home or workplace.  There was more of a mixed response about future population growth (e.g., concern about traffic congestion, loss of green space and the loss of farmland).  On the other hand, many residents would like to see more housing choices, walkable mixed use neighbourhoods with amenities and shops and services close by.  There was very strong support for protecting Richmond's natural areas.

The draft 2041 OCP Vision statement was widely supported although respondents felt that strong political leadership, reducing car dependence, preserving and providing more green space and parkland were necessary ingredients for the Vision of Richmond in 2041 to occur.  Based on those comments, the 2041 OCP Vision was revised.  On the online discussion forum, we ask you to comment on what else should be included in the vision.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets, Policies and Actions
As part of the City's Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), in May 2010, Council approved a community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction target of 33 below 2007 levels by 2020 to satisfy Provincial Legislation (Bill 27, the Local Government Statutes Amendment Act).  The Bill requires that all municipalities include GHG reduction targets in their OCP's by May 31, 2010.  A Bylaw was passed that also includes principles for guiding City GHG reduction actions and commits the City to establish new policy and actions based on Triple Bottom Line assessments.


Moving Towards a More Sustainable Richmond
The City is updating the OCP to reflect a move toward a more sustainable Richmond. The most commonly understood definition of "sustainable development" is:

"Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

Richmond defines sustainable development as development that strengthens social institutions and values, enables a vibrant, innovative and resource efficient economy, and protects and enhances ecological resources to ensure that these continue to provide valuable services for all.For more information on sustainability, please visit the City's webpage.An Updated OCP with a Sustainability Vision
At the core of Richmond's drive towards sustainability is the understanding that in order to provide future generations with healthy social, economic and environmental systems, we must look for new, sustainable strategies for maintaining our high standard of living.  Exploring new sustainability strategies and identifying those which inspire us is what the OCP is about.OCP will Address Current Trends and Future Needs
In the OCP update the City will clarify where and how the population and employment will be managed outside the city centre and address current trends such as provincial legislation concerning green house gas reduction targets, policies and actions.  It is anticipated that the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) will be adopted in mid-2010 and the Local Government Act requires municipalities to prepare a Regional Context Statement (RCS) in their OCPs that is consistent with the RGS within 2 years of the RGS being adopted.Richmond has undertaken regular updates (every ten years) and periodic amendments since its first OCP was adopted in 1986 and now Richmond is due for another update.
OCP Public Survey (November 2009)
The City of Richmond wants to hear what you think about your community today, and how you want your community to look in the future.  Your input is important and will be considered in updating the OCP.

First Round OCP Public Consultation Documents (November 2009)


OCP Update and Public Participation
To identify what our sustainable community will look like and to fairly reflect community values and aspirations in the OCP, a number of Public Open Houses were held in November 2009.  There will be more opportunities to give us your comments at Open Houses next Spring and Fall 2010 when the plan is taking shape.
Main Studies for the OCP Update
To help us update the Official Community Plan, we will be working on several background studies.  Some of the main studies are:Demographic and Employment Study
We will be developing comprehensive city wide population, dwelling unit and employment projections to 2041.Employment Lands Strategy
Employment lands include all lands that are used for business and jobs.  They include our commercial, office, industrial and agricultural lands.  The study will help identify how much employment land we will need to meet our growing business and employment needs in 2041.Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Management Strategy
Typical natural areas found in Richmond are our river shorelines, waterways, wetlands, bogs, woodlots and marshes.  The study will make sure our ESA inventory is up to date, add new areas to the inventory and help us find ways to improve the way we can protect them in the future.  The ESAs are legal areas and the ESA map is part of the OCP.

Green House Gas Reduction Targets, Policies and Actions
The Province of BC's new Climate Action Legislation (Bill 27) requires local governments to incorporate Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets, policies and actions for achieving those targets in their municipal Official Community Plans by May 31, 2010.  To help the process, the Province has generated a Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) for each municipality.  The CEEI uses 2007 as a baseline year and looks at three sectors:

  • Buildings (residential, industrial and commercial buildings)
  • On Road Transportation (cars, trucks and motorcycles)
  • Solid Waste

Within a community, the majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels for generating heat and electricity, powering vehicles and from the decomposition of waste in our landfills.  The Province has set its own targets of a 33% reduction of GHG emissions by 2020 and an 80% reduction by 2050.  Over the next few months, Richmond will identify GHG emission reduction targets for the community as a whole.  The City of Richmond will be steering the target setting process and wants to know your thoughts and suggestions on this initiative. 

Need more information?
For further information please contact:

June Christy
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