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By: Poct-dx  09-12-2011

POCT-Dx Uniscan™ provides qualitative rapid tests that are as good as tests produced by automated ELISA instruments and often better than those tested by manual analyses involving multiple pipettings and/or dilutions.

Uniscan™ test strip is based on a common lateral flow membrane-based type of configuration: sample-loading pad, conjugate pad, nitrocellulose membrane, test lines, control line, and absorbent pad and are processed then assembled in a cassette. The color substance accumulated in the test and control lines could be any chromogenic material, such as colloid gold, carbon nanoparticles, latex beads, and active dyes, etc. The rapid test strip is housing in a proprietary cassette which allows the sample to be analyzed by either a sandwich or a competitive immunoassay methodology. The current set-up of the cassette can accommodate up to three different analytes (three test lines) at a single strip detection. 

  • POCT-DX DOA MOBILE LAB Detects Drugs of Abuse in Urine

    The Uniscan's drugs of abuse test is a simple and accurate method to detect and provide digital read-out for the following three drugs in one test strip:

    1. Methamphetamine. Cut-off value: 1000 ng/ml

    2. Opiates. Cut-off value: 300 ng/ml

    3. Cannabinoid (Marijuana). Cut-off value: 50 ng/ml

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