Park Place Property Services Ltd

By: Park Place Property  09-12-2011
Keywords: Condominium, Condominium Services

Our primary goal as a Strata/Rental Property Management Agent is to be responsive to the needs and objectives of our clients. We will strive to do the best job possible on any project undertaken.

Typically the Board’s objective is to enhance the equity or long term value position of the Owners; as well as to maintain and improve the quality of life and comfort for the building occupants.

Our Management Team is prepared to handle all of your needs, whether your property is well maintained, requires immediate reserve planning, has accounting issues to resolve, or is simply in need of qualified personnel on site with attention to detail.

Management of a Strata Corporation requires a high level of knowledge and skills in a wide variety of areas. Our Property Managers are expected in Governance, Maintenance, Finance and Insurance

                  Park Place Property Condominium Services includes : 

                Collection and depositing of all funds due to the trust accounts
                Pre-authorized payment service for Strata fees
                24-Hour emergency answering service
                Payment of invoices
                Enforcement of bylaws & other regulations upon direction from the Council
                Expert consultation & advice
                Assistance to owners with questions
                Maintenance of financial records
                Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
                Procurement of services and materials from vendors
                Maintenance of a registry of owner contact information
                Assistance in the investigation of accidents & Insurance claims
                Preparation of the condominium budget
                Preparation of estoppel certificates & other documents
                Attend Annual General Meetings
                Attend Monthly Board Meetings
                Prepare Typewritten Minutes
                Perform General Inspections of the Condominium
                Provide other services as needed by the condominium

Keywords: Condominium, Condominium Services