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By: Nova Hid  09-12-2011

Nova HID » Product

The halogen headlights first used on Harley Davidson’s of the 1920’s are still used today on current model sport, cruiser and touring bikes. These lights have performed well in the past, but there has been a quantum leap in lighting technology: High Intensity Discharge (HID).

HID light output is 3 times that of halogen and uses very low voltage, thereby reducing the load on your alternator. It also lasts longer. With a lifespan of 3000+ hours (140,000 kms to the average rider), these bulbs will last the lifetime of your bike.

With 3 times the light output, you can see potential obstacles much sooner. At highway speed, it means a full second more time to react to road hazards, signs and other road users.

35 watts
12 volts
3,000 hour life span (140,000 kms +)
Temp Range -40°c to 105°c
Water resistant, shock & surge protection
Lifetime Warranty

Great Value:

  • Single Beam Kit $89.95 (1 bulb, 1 ballast)
  • Hi/Lo Beam Kit $109.95 (1 Hi/Lo bulb, 1 ballast, 1 harness)
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