By: Mpmcanada  09-12-2011

Primary Services

Other Services

  • Quantity Survey

  • Budget Estimating

  • Project Scheduling

  • Consulting

  • Maintenance

The project manager is in effect the owner’s representative and will assemble a team, and implement a management structure to best fulfill the goals of the project at the lowest cost to the client.

  • Allows for budget analysis with cost and cash flow control through consistent and comprehensive reporting.

  • Enables you to revise, increase, or reduce the scope of the budget as the project develops and to implement the changes at cost rather than at premium rates.

  • Allows the Project Manager the ability to choose suppliers through a three-bid process, resulting in lower cost of materials.

  • Ensures the ability to move a project along at the client’s pace.

Construction Management is the process by which the owner hires a third party Construction Manager (CM) to be the construction consultant / coordinator for your project. The CM will typically review plans, submit bid requests, award bids per the owners’ approval, and oversee all sub trades during the construction process on your behalf.

The CM will approve draw requests and forward them to the owner for approval and payment. As well as monitoring quality and safety issues, the CM is your communications link to all persons and phases involved in your project. Construction Management provides the owner the benefit of having an experienced representative overseeing the competitive bidding, communication, and quality control processes. This ensures the owner of a high quality finished product at a competitive price.

The client assembles the entire team and appoints a construction manger who is responsible for the construction aspect of the project only. Expenses are approved by the client who handles all payments.

  • Can help limit exposure to extras

  • Allows for more client control over the development of a project

  • Bookkeeping is kept in-house and any requests must be approved before proceeding.

  • Allows the owner to implement his or her own project controls

  • Is a more hands-on approach for the owner

  • Allows the owner to choose suppliers through a three-bid process, resulting in lower cost of materials.

The client selects a designer / architect who brings together a consulting team. This group produces drawings and specifications, which are to be as precise as possible. This package is then put out to tender and a contractor is selected.

Typically it is the client’s duty to ensure the contractor adheres to the specifications and scope of work, communicating any change requests that arise during development. MPM’s project managers can take on this responsibility for you, eliminating the minutiae and delivering the peace of mind that comes with years of experience.

  • Allows for Lump sum pricing

  • This is the traditional, tried and tested method of construction

  • Develops efficient accountability against the scope of work

  • Many general contractors can finance the project for 30-40 days thus easing demands on cash flow