MIKET DSP Solutions

By: Miket Dsp Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dsp, Signal Detectors


MIKET DSP Solutions provides customers with DSP-related and embedded software consulting service.

  • High-Performance High-Quality Custom DSP Applications.
  • DSP-based System Design & Distributed Systems.
  • Hard Real-Time DSP Software Design Methodology
  • Voice processing and Voice over Data Network Technology
  • Adaptive applications and System Identification, both transversal and transform domain
  • Echo Canceller (line, hybrid, acoustic)
  • Precise Fast MLE-based Signal Detectors and Modems
  • Applied Mathematics & Numerical Recipes
  • Efficient C55x / C54x assembly coding
  • Start with a scientific research paper and turn it into a commercial application.

Keywords: Dsp, Signal Detectors