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The South Australian abalone fishery has grown steadily since its opening in 1965 and today the Blacklip and Greenlip abalone are highly-prized on the restaurant tables of North America, Japan and South East Asia.  They are exported live, frozen, canned, dried or boiled.

Rock lobster from South Australia is known for its superb taste and texture. South Australian lobsters are air freighted live to Canada by Kenji Seafood, arriving less than 30 hours after they leave the processing factories. 

Fishing vessels are equipped with either a wet well or a tank with a pump that circulates sea water to keep lobsters in top condition from the time they are caught until they are sold at port.  Once on land they are immediately transported to port-based processors, where they are placed in water refrigerated at 10-12ºC, which slows down the metabolism and prevents damage.

Just prior to export, the water temperature is further lowered to 5-7ºC. The lobsters are then packed with insulation into polystyrene boxes sealed with tape.  Packing is timed to allow road transport to airports for immediate loading on to aircraft.

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Keywords: Abalone Meat, Frozen Lobster Tails, lobster,