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By: Kanto Speakers  09-12-2011

Something we've always prided ourselves on at Kanto is our focus on the customer. Our customer can be you, the end user, or one of our loyal resellers. We listen, we take the praise or the critique in equal measure and we respond.

That's kind of how the YARO started. Back in March 2011 we were visiting one of our biggest resellers, Simply Computing in Vancouver (www.simply.ca). Simply Computing is the largest independent Apple Retailer in Western Canada and they have, for a long time, been supporters of what we are trying to achieve here at Kanto.

We were chatting to their VP of Marketing -- David Doyle -- and he was lamenting the fact that there wasn't an audio system that complimented the Apple TV at a sub-$400 price. He described to us what features he thought this audio system should have. We listened, took notes and headed back to the office.

We brainstormed and drafted, drafted and brainstormed. We came up with some designs based on some of David's ideas and some of our own. When we were finished we knew we had something really interesting. Then the hard work started. Taking an idea and formulating it into a real product is quite a challenge. However, 4 trips to our factory in China, 7 months and 7 prototypes later we had it -- the YARO.

We think we've nailed it with this product. The sound performance is truly incredible. The design mirrors and compliments the Apple TV. It takes audio input from two digital optical sources and one 3.5mm mini-jack. You can plug just about any audio source into the YARO and it will take it and just work.

We also spent time on making it very easy to setup and use. One of the biggest criticisms of our earlier products was the remote. The critiques were valid. With the Yaro we put a lot of effort into the remote and it shows. Ergonomic and very simple. We also cut back on our use of heavy inks on the product box and went for easily recyclable low impact packaging. Every little bit helps.

Kanto is a young brand but we're growing steadily and confidently by listening to our customers.

We really enjoyed making this product. We think you will really enjoy using it.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011