Life transition coach | services career transition, Vancouver, Richmond, BC

By: Jim Giesbrecht  09-12-2011
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Life transition coach | services career transition, Vancouver, Richmond, BC,

How does the process work? How will you benefit?

When it comes to counselling and coaching, I believe in the personal touch. Our one-on-one sessions are all about you … your concerns and how they are affecting you … and the changes you're wrestling with. We clarify what's really happening … and figure out how best to resolve it.

Getting started: We start by examining your overall situation, taking a 'snapshot' of your current dilemma and a chronology of what brought you to this point. Together we unravel the complex and contributing factors - sometimes going back to family, early learning and tough issues you've been dodging. You do the talking, you tell your story … and I listen carefully, ask questions and help you clarify the separate problems involved (the first session).

You're the only one who can change yourself … and (in the end), it's you that's going to have to change. Honestly knowing who you are is a critical starting point.

  • We zero in on your individual personality and needs … and begin the process of building important self-knowledge. We work together to clarify the person you are (and want to become).
  • We identify and articulate your interests, values and unique personal strengths. We explore your comfort zones - how your mind works best and what gets you up in the morning.
  • You focus inward - do a lot of hard thinking and some reading between sessions. I ask probing questions and we have 'meaty' discussions. Often, we come up with new ways of viewing your concerns. You come away with a clear sense of who you are, what you want (and don't want) … and what changes you're ready to make.

Sometimes you know that change is needed but you're not quite sure what change … or how to make it happen. At other times you're faced with changes you're not ready for … or worse still, don't want at all. Not all change is equal … so understanding your current anxiety in the context of change and transition is a vital next step.

We identify the changes you're experiencing and bring them into focus. We help you understand what's happening and what to expect. We recommend resources and you do some research (on the web, in the library, etc.).

Typically my clients are facing 1 or more of the following life changes:

  • Stage of life transitions.
    • Quarter life - transition to adult identity - new relationships with family & friends.
    • Mid life - transition to a more 'meaningful' life, loss of vitality, needing to 'prove' oneself.
    • Later life - reshaping identity in harmony with inner self. Less connected to outer influences.
  • Family role transitions.
    • Parenting adult children, caring for aging parents, supporting adult siblings, family business role transitions, intergenerational problems, cross-cultural issues.
  • Rebuilding your life transition.
    • After relationship breakup, recovery from illness, bankruptcy, dislocation, death of a loved one.
    • After addiction - recovery from medications, alcoholism, gambling.
  • Career transitions.
    • Changing careers, returning to school, winding down, retirement.

I help you step back and look at the problem through new eyes - self-knowledge coupled with understanding of the change at hand.

We come up with a plan to get you going. We take a look at what we can do and decide what's realistic. I help you prioritize, make decisions and move forward. We access a wide spectrum of approaches - cognitive-behavioral strategies, psychological assessments, relaxation and calming techniques - whatever is needed.

For many clients, it starts to feel better just knowing you're finally doing something.

The best plans are those you start building on today. They're doable and custom-tailored for you. They're designed to eliminate your current stresses and build resilience for the future. We make sure they 'fit' - test-drive them with homework tasks and specific strategies. I give you the tools to work it out and I'm there as your advisor and sounding board as you go forward. You come away with a sense of optimism and the confidence that your problems can be dealt with.

How long does it take?

Depending on your needs, we typically work through your problems and help you to move forward over the course of 4-8 sessions. In my experience, clients who book regular weekly appointments from the start stay more engaged and make the changes they want more quickly. After a few weeks you may wish to reduce the frequency of sessions, and I'm OK with that. People learn and process change differently, and I'm here to help in the way that suits you best.


Sessions are usually 60 minutes long at $100 per session. Some clients prefer 90 minute sessions at $140 per session. Any assessments that we use are included in these fees. Fees are payable at the time of each session. There is no commitment to a specific number of sessions. Our time together is driven by your needs and wishes.

Cash and cheques are welcome.


"Before working with Jim, I didn't really appreciate how very different we all are - and how that's a good thing. I finally understand why my wife and I seem to pull in opposite directions even though we love each other. Our marriage has become so much more fun… and interesting." - Kelly W. (White Rock, B.C.)
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