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By: Irene Giesbrecht  09-12-2011
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How does the process work? What will I get?

When it comes to career counselling and consulting, I believe in the 'personal touch'. In our one-on-one sessions we focus entirely on you and your unique career concerns. I offer my clients 2 distinct services:

1. Career counselling services - when you're discouraged, stressing about the future, and ready for change.

2. Career coaching and consulting services - when you're satisfied with your chosen field but not managing your career it as well as you'd like to.

It's a 3-phase process. We start with deepening self-knowledge and clarifying career goals and then go on to exploring opportunities in the world of work. Finally, I help you make decisions and move forward.

Phase 1 - Getting to know what's special about you

We focus on your distinctive talents and career requirements. Sometimes, we use a variety of career assessments to 'anchor' our discussions and bring structure to the process. The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and the SII (Strong Interest Inventory) are among the many tools we choose from.

What are your interests, motivators, career values and work style? We nail down your career 'assets' - the many strengths and competencies you bring to the table. You do a lot of hard thinking and some reading between sessions. I do a lot of questioning and we have 'meaty' discussions. You come away with a clear sense of what you want (and don't want) and what you have to offer. Typically 3-4 weekly sessions.

Phase 2 - Connecting with a world of possibilities

We widen the window on choices and then help you narrow the field to find the best fit. Your homework shifts to on-line research and finally to information interviews with real people about their careers. I direct you to resources AND people and coach you through … but you do the work. We set up a course of action and a time frame to move you in that direction. Depending on your situation, this phase is often more flexible - typically 3-4 sessions over a few months. When we're done, you have several, well researched options to choose from.

Phase 3 - Making decisions and moving forward

I help you weigh the options, make decisions and plot the first steps …choosing a program of studies, crafting a job search, fine tuning a résumé, preparing for a key interview - whatever you need.


Sometimes your career 'feels right'. You're pretty happy with your chosen field, even your company … but you're unsure about how to navigate the daily hurdles or continue to grow and advance. You need advice or maybe just an outside perspective from someone knowledgeable about careers.

I help you step back and look at the problem through new eyes. When the boss is on your case or your colleagues are sabotaging your career or when it's time for a promotion and you're not sure you'll get it … you need options, strategies and resources. I give you the tools to work it out and I'm there as your advisor and sounding board as you go forward. Sometimes, I help you decide when and how to leave.

Depending on your needs, we usually come up with a satisfying course of action in 1-3 sessions.


Sessions are usually 60 minutes long at $100 per session. Some clients prefer 90 minute sessions at $140 per session. Any assessments that we use are included in these fees. Fees are payable at the time of each session. There is no commitment to a specific number of sessions. Our time together is driven by your needs and wishes.

Cash and cheques are welcome.


Career Launch Package

Specially designed for families with teens and young adults who are struggling with post-secondary and career exploration plans … this package consists of six 90 minute counselling sessions, career assessments, and a brief report and meeting with the family. $800.

Career Tune-Up Package

This package is designed for people who want to revive a career gone stale - one that may just need a little tinkering to achieve more satisfaction. Some assessments are included. Three 90-minute sessions. $380.

"You encouraged me to trust my instincts and even believe in my abilities .. and you made me laugh too. Your perspective and sense of humour were just what I needed to get going with my career. There's still a lot to do, but I feel like I'm up to the task now. Thanks, Irene." - Katerina P. (Victoria, B.C.)
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Keywords: Career Coaching, career counselling