Content strategy services by Intentional Design Inc

By: Intentional Design  09-12-2011

Intentional Design helps you get more ROI from your content assets by developing a content strategy that’s right for your situation. If you’ve come this far, you likely know you’d benefit from getting a better GRIP on your content – and that’s what IDI offers.

The GRIP methodology was developed by IDI as a scalable way to deliver reliable results, from small to large and complex content projects.

  • Gap analysis. Once we know where your content misses the mark, we can lay the groundwork for a strategy that works. It’s the focus on fixing what’s broken, not recreating the wheel.
  • Requirements gathering. Effective content fills a need. Being efficient with your content means having a plan. Knowing what content your readers/viewers need and why, and how to deliver it reliably,  is a critical step toward an effective content strategy.
  • Intepretation. Interpretation is where the magic happens. How the requirements and gap analysis get interpreted can make – or break – your strategy for creating, delivering, and managing content.
  • Process. The final product is a content strategy: a repeatable process or methodology for managing your content throughout the entire content life cycle. Your customized strategy allows you to deliver your content, reliably and cost-effectively, to the right audience, at the right time, in the right medium, in the right language, and through multiple iterations and versions.