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By: Inerra  09-12-2011

Content Management Portal

When Creo, one of the world leaders in prepress systems, identified the need to provide its employees with a single point of access to various types of information on their Intranet and Extranet, iNerra Systems worked with Creo to develop an n-Tier Web-based content management portal.

The knowledge base system essentially supports decentralized content authoring. A step-by-step wizard in a web browser walks the content administrator through the process of defining document types, adding custom meta-tags and assigning roles. One critical feature of this system was the ability of a content type to inherit properties from its parent directory. The content management portal also supports a publishing workflow and document check-in/check-out features to enable collaboration. When a document is registered, users can perform queries on these custom attributes.As with any system, security is critical. Security for this portal was implemented at the content type level as well as at the document level. Perhaps the most compelling feature of this document management portal is that it is accessible by both Intranet users and Extranet users in a secure manner.

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