HC Virtualization Module An Overview

By: Hosting Controller  09-12-2011

Hosting Controller - HC Virtualization Control Panel for Microsoft Hyper-V & Xen Hypervisor, Hyper-V Control Panel, Xen Hypervisor Control Panel, VPS Hosting Solution

Hosting Controller VPS Solution based on:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Xen Hypervisor (Paravirtualization)

HC Virtualization solution enables Web Hosts to automate VPS provisioning and empowers end-users with a web-based control panel providing rich capabilities to manage their own servers.

HC Virtualization Module is the best addition to web hosts’ current hosting business and Virtual Private Servers is certainly the next generation technology that web hosting customer are looking for! It is time to go into virtualization world and build virtual data center of your own. It’s simple yet comprehensive and extremely easy with HC Virtualization Module!

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Web host can now offer variety of PHP & MySQL based applications to their customers within the hosting package.


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The development of these enterprise modules provides inventive and reliable software products that are engineered to assist service providers in exact accordance with their demands. These features fall under the banner of HC Enterprise Modules, the company's new modular approach to bundling service offerings for Exchange 2007/2010 & SharePoint services.


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This database server must have Windows OS and can just be a standalone database server or can have other roles (Web, Mail, DNS) as well depending on your requirements. Installation of HC8 requires you to do first install on database server.