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By: Harmeny  09-12-2011

Our key products are open source toolkits for rapidly delivering Harmeny Services

LifeLine allows managers to work directly with complex data via developing management scenarios, with the system taking care of the underlying data querying mechanics.

For people who need to work with data but are not programmers, XAYA provides a small set of commands that allow the user to rapidly model, manage, and transform data, as well as do custom statistical calculations on large and complex data sets. In particular, XAYA will support incorporating business rules and business logic into flexible data driven models.

For Software Developers who need to rapidly build and deploy information applications, XAYA provides a library of core functions that integrate database functionality, logic, and statistical processing capabilities.

We are currently using the XAYA toolkit to build the next generation of LifeLine. You can use the XAYA toolkit to build your own lifeline.

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Harmeny - Services

Stand Structure Classification and ForesTree Growth Model The stand structure classification supports better forest management, provides a unified framework for strategic and operational planning on the forest land base. Managing Risk and Opportunity: Actuarial Sustem for Operational Plantation Performance Prediction The "actuarial approach" balances risk, cost, and benefits with respect to performance.