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By: Global Media Services  09-12-2011
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The average American spends five hours a day watching video, on televisions, personal computers, and video game consoles—and that number will grow to over 8 hours in the next five years. On-demand video is driving America's increasing appetite for video, with online streaming to home computers and time-shifted television quickly displacing traditional broadcast programming.

But even with Internet video, most viewers prefer to watch on their TVs. That means content providers don't just need to give viewers what they want to watch, when they want it—they also need to deliver video where viewers want it, on their TVs.

GridCast is a service that helps media companies flourish in the emerging on-demand video market. With GridCast, you can provide instant access to broadcast-quality video, at any time, from the television, game console, or personal computer. Every title is delivered on-demand at up to full HD-quality with no interruptions, regardless of network load or popularity.

Dynamic personalization and detailed reporting optimize revenues and viewer satisfaction. With the GridCast service, mainstream broadcasters can now extend their brand and generate additional revenues. And "boutique" offerings have the opportunity to reach viewers without the need for cable or satellite distribution.

How the GridCast service works

Keywords: Television, Tvs, Video

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The GridCast technology was designed to address the following challenges that content distributors have faced with existing Internet video solutions. It is this functionality, unavailable with traditional progressive download, that enables key cost and network efficiencies. Any device, TV, or computer that supports these types of media protocols can render video received by the GCC.


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Because GridCast TV is a service, not a portal, you maintain control of your content—and you have the flexibility to work with any kind of revenue model—including pay-per-view, subscriptions, advertising sponsors, and TV ads. GridCast can help you get your video onto TVs and computers—while keeping you in full control of your content and your revenue. Consumers want to watch video whenever and wherever they want.


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GridCast PC allows large numbers of computer users to become immersed simultaneously in your high-value video content, combining the quality of HD television with the personalization and versatility of Internet video. GridCast PC lets you provide the best viewing experience possible, by streaming full-screen, HD-quality video to your viewers' computers—both Macs and PCs—without time-consuming downloads or annoying rebuffering.