A complete and paperless workflow solution for insurance organizations

By: Ensemble  09-12-2011

Insurance providers face a number of challenges. Not only do they have to contend with increasing labor costs, risk mitigation, fraud detection and stringent regulatory compliance, but the inefficiencies that stem from traditional paper-based processes often reduce transparency and unnecessarily raise the risk of human error. To make matters worse, existing automated systems typically operate in segregated silos, making crucial claimant information difficult to locate or access.

Formerly Adobe® LiveCycle®

The Customer

By tapping into the form guide capabilities of ADEP and the presentation capabilities of the ubiquitous Adobe® Reader®, our solution provides claimants with a dynamic and intuitive method of submitting forms associated with a claim or application online. A rich Internet application (RIA) and interactive forms with built-in intelligence guide customers through every step of form completion.

The Underwriter

Once submitted, the data from the forms is automatically captured and routed to the insurance company for instant and secure processing. This automatic routing expedites information processing entirely via electronic means, eliminating the need for manual, paper-based processes, reducing operational costs and response times, and allowing claims managers to gain greater control over the processing environment.

The Adjuster

The collaboration component of our solution fosters personalized service by connecting disparate backend systems and data sources, and aggregating customer information in a single workspace that is accessible via a tablet device. Through the rich user interface, claims adjusters can collaborate with insurance underwriters in real-time via text or video chat, view existing photos and videos of a claim, or take new photos and videos and save them directly to the claim file.

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