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By: Empower Technologies  09-12-2011

BE1000 - Real Time Video Motion Stabilizer

Perfect Solution for Translational and Rotational motions

The BullsEye BE1000 uses the latest embedded processing technology and video stabilization algorithm to create a state of the art real time video motion stabilizer. It can remove shaky and blurry images due to uncontrolled camera motions such as shaking and rotational movement result from strong winds and vibration. These motions are the most common problem for cameras mounted in manned/unmanned military, security, and civilian aerial, ground, or marine vehicles. Also affected are outdoor security/surveillance cameras mounted on poles or fixtures attached to a structure to monitor roads, bridges, rail tracks, building/site perimeter (e.g. hospital, reservoir, chemical plant, power station, or nuclear plant).

The need for a video motion stabilizer is essential to eliminate the effects of undesired camera motions for operators or analytic software to be able to see a stable image of the live or captured video so they can take appropriate action.

The BullsEye BE1000 is a high performance embedded always-on fanless video image processing device, which is low power, low heat and capable of instant on and instant off. As a result, the unit is much more economical to operate and very adaptable to various field operating environments such as deserts to cold places like Northern Canada.

Empower’s BullsEye BE1000 real time video motion stabilizer is a perfect companion product to Empower’s real time video image processor line of products. Empower’s real time video motion stabilizer and real time video image processor together provide unprecedented level of translational and rotational image stabilization, dehazing, deblurring, contrast enhancement, sharpening, and signal-to-noise ratio enhancement, all without generating artifacts, in real time. The BE1000 can perform real time image stabilization for live video or pre-recorded video images.

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