Enterprise-grade Mobile Intelligence (MI) products and professional solutions: Countermind

By: Countermind  09-12-2011

“Timely and effective automated mobile solutions”

Choose a proven mobile service provider you can trust. Since 2002, Countermind has been leading the way in helping companies realize a highly efficient mobile workforce with timely and effective automated mobile solutions.

How does Countermind ensure success? It’s simple. Countermind’s MI Deliver, MI Service and MI Inspect products enable businesses to capture field data faster and with more accuracy. These ready-to-deploy, intelligent mobile solutions help companies in transportation, logistics, manufacturing and beyond to optimize operations with real-time access to business critical information.

Choose Countermind to capitalize on the power of complete mobility. It’s Countermind’s unique family of enterprise-grade Mobile Intelligence (MI) products and professional services that give medium to large companies the technical edge to eliminate inefficiencies, remain competitive and improve their customer service.

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MI Deliver - Intelligent Workflow Processing, Tracking and Delivery: Countermind

We utilize the latest mobile device features such as: barcode scanners, RFID, GPS, and signature capture to help our customer track and deliver packages in ways our competition can’t. Our flagship Proof of Delivery product, MI Deliver, offers intelligent workflow processing that tracks deliveries and integrates with existing business systems. Discover why Countermind is the first choice of leading delivery and logistic companies nationwide.


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Proprietary workflow design tools make it easy to modify existing applications or create new applications from scratch— plus customers can choose devices, operating systems, networks, and infrastructures that provide the best solution for their needs.


Proof of delivery, Package Tracking & Tracing, Signature Capture via the Mobile Intelligence Platform: Countermind

Always one step ahead of the competition, Countermind products support a wide variety of hand held computers, server platforms, and communication networks and easily integrate with existing business components. Customers can leverage their present technology investments while reaping the benefits of a supported product solution that will evolve as new technologies become available.