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By: CORE Applications Software  09-12-2011

  • Auto-created Sales Orders, subsequent Invoicing, and Pick and Pack slips
  • Franchise Store billing

  • Corporate Store billing / transfers

  • Shipping cycles and regional shipping strategies

  • Individual Store and Regional store cost considerations

  • Master Pick slips (for staging area order filling) and/or individual Store Packing slips

  • Special orders

  • 'Store Day' delivery management: what is scheduled for delivery tomorrow or next Wednesday for which group of stores

  • Differing regional store inventory costs

  • Warehouse and Corporate inter-company divisions financial management

  • Automated receipt-based inter-company (Buying-to-Shipping entity) inventory transfers

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    Accounts Payable can now easily verify that the Vendor invoice has the correct promotion cost.


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    FAN Multi-Payment & Inter-Agency Billing System An integrated Payment and Management Solution designed specifically to enable Child and Family Services organizations to deliver small-, medium, and large-scale Foster Child Care Programs. FAN Software understands this and has dedicated itself to ensuring that the integration edge is maintained in all of its proprietary and industry standard solutions.


    CORE Applications Software Inc - pm

    Have your buyers in full control of an items previous sales performance by PROMO-Master™ Standard-GP showing them as the item is being entered on a new PROMO. Use PROMO-Master TM Standard-GP* to save big dollars for end-to-end PROMOTION Management: Selling, Buying, Accounts Payable and Sales Analysis. Easily track how your Promotions performed by PROMO-Master™ Standard-GP automatically gathering Sale History information.


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    Before GRID-Master TM - GP all Grid inventory existed outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP resulting in reduced functionality for RMA’s, RTV’s, reporting, inquiries, dig-downs, etc. Use GRID-Master TM -GP for end-to-end sales and purchasing cycles of ‘GRID’ items while utilizing the full power and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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    All payroll time gathering and subsequent approval cycles, especially from remote locations, was cumbersome, costly and inaccurate and provided no indication of what employees and contractors were really doing to earn the company money. Electronically gather employee time by multiple or single Project/Event and associated Taskif needed whether the workforce is in the field or in the office.


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    Our top-of-the line support offering includes direct access to advanced product support for mission critical or high volume operations and includes support for Core custom development projects, non-standard system configurations, and more. In addition to 30 days of free phone, chat, or e-mail support, CORE offers a number of support options to ensure the ongoing success of your daily application functioning.