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Posted on October 4, 2011


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JYP Entertainment Corporation (KOSDAQ: 035900) engages in the entertainment business in South Korea, Japan, China and other parts of the world. It is involved in the production of movies, TV dramas, and music recordings as well as the management of artists, including such famous Korean..

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09-12-2011 | China

A blend of chopped pork shoulder, ham, salt, sugar, binders and preservatives like potassium chloride and sodium nitrite, SPAM made its market debut.. The maker of SPAM, America’s favorite luncheon meat, has plans to position it as a premium product in China.

09-12-2011 | Taiwan

The country’s National Communications Commission , which issues licenses for all wireless devices, has yet to approve the tablet. Selling iPads in Taiwan is illegal, so gray marketers are giving them away with the purchase of outrageously high priced accessories. Under Taiwanese law, people are..

09-12-2011 | Japan

China, Japan, and South Korea show dominating growth in international patent filings and exhibit a significant shift of economic, competitive and scientific power to Asia, based on data released in February 2011 by the World Intellectual Property Organization.