Mobile Application and Mobile Portal

By: Clevest  09-12-2011

Clevest's Mobile Application & Mobile Portal leverages and extends the functionalities of your existing systems – while creating new functionality.

The application embodies the knowledge and customer feedback acquired from over 15 years designing and installing mobile, wireless solutions for a range of industries and applications. 

The Mobile application is designed to be flexible enough to support ALL your mobile workers on any mobile device and communicates over any wireless network.



The Mobile Application is intuitive and each deployment is configured to follow your own workflows and best practices so most users are comfortable using the system after just 30 minutes training.


IT Departments are typically one of the most resource-strapped groups in an organization and need a solution with minimal maintenance. In addition to its high ease of use; the Mobile Application has been designed to automatically download updates – without any user action required.

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Whether you are looking to put our product modules to work installing Smart Meters, locating vehicles in the field, viewing the real-time status of orders, scheduling complex multi-day multi-crew work, dispatching emergency work, or analyzing results, we have you covered. Clevest’s application suite increases workforce safety and supports the transformation of field operations into optimized, real-time service, and incident response groups.