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By: Chiro Keynote  09-12-2011
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Over 700 Chiro Keynote slides are ready for your waiting room, in 12 ready-made slideshows.


$199 gets you started.

The Starter kit is a great combination to evangelize Chiropractice in your small office. It includes these slideshows: Chiropractic Quiz, General Knowledge, True Cost of Medicare Care, and Wellness Lifestyle. Preview them below.


$299 adds specialties.

Stellar includes everything you get in Starter, plus these specialist slideshows: Women's Health, Pregnancy and Chiropractic, Headaches.


$399 for everything.

Preview any and all of the slideshows below. Harness the power of all 13 shows to educate your clients and encourage them to refer your services.

Preview our Slideshows below.

General Knowledge

20 slides. Educate patients on Chiropractic philosophy, and what makes Chiropractic more effective than other forms of healing.


40 slides. Discusses headache triggers and how Chiropractic can help with migraines by correcting underlying structural problems.

Kids and Chiropractic

95 slides. Discusses ailments for which children see Chiropractors, safety of Chiropractic for children, and effectiveness of Chiropractic.

True Costs of Medical Care

20 slides. Discusses effectiveness of Chiropractic over contemporary medicine and the natural healing philosophy of Chiropractic.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

55 slides. Displays research on effectiveness of Chiropractic treatment for soft tissue injury and discusses research on whiplash.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

over 80 slides showing the benefits of receiving Chiropractic care during pregnancy. Examples include reduced back pain, reduced need for pain killers, and reduced labor time.

Sports Injuries

Over 50 slides showing the benefits of Chiropractic care for treatment and prevention of various sports injuries and how Chiropractic improves athletic performance, decreases healing time and improves rehabilitation time.


50 slides. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question discussed in detail in this show where natural healing through Chiropractic care is compared to vaccination.

Wellness Lifestyle

Over 80 slides showing how chiropractic is the world leader in Wellness care (physical, mental and spiritual). Teaches good health habits.

Women's Health

Over 50 slides. Discusses health issues specific to women and how Chiropractic can help women lead a healthier life.

Workplace Injuries

Over 20 slides. Compares costs and effectiveness of Chiropractic to those of medical treatment for work injuries.

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