International Market Access Inc Ferndale Wa

By: Can Trade  09-12-2011

Having a USA “office and warehouse” shows customers your USA business commitment. It has proven invaluable for businesses selling both products and services, and also for e-commerce websites. Your customers appreciate that you have eliminated many of the real problems and concerns associated with cross-border business transactions.

We can provide you with both a USA street address and a P.O. Box. Your USA business address can be used for all business communications, such as advertising, receiving of mail, orders, inquiries, magazine subscriptions, catalogs, parcels and shipments.

For a more complete USA business identity package, a “remote call forwarding line” may be considered. This gives you a USA phone and/or fax number. Incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the designated number that you choose. It is a relatively inexpensive service that is useful when establishing your USA business presence. Long distance forwarding charges will apply, but we can offer you the services of a discounted long distance carrier.

In addition to establishing a “USA Business Identity”, we offer the below services allowing you to create a program that best benefits your business. Please inquire about any special services you may need. We are flexible and most likely will be able to accommodate your requests. Services are easily added or deleted so you only pay for what you actually need.