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By: Blr Aerospace  09-12-2011
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Improve Stability and Safety While Saving Fuel

Operators worldwide are amazed that something so simple contributes so much to everyday operations.

The BLR Dual Tailboom Strake Kit is a cost effective, multi-functional, and value added, modification ideal for single rotor helicopters with enclosed tailbooms. BLR’s strake design has been optimized for: ease of installation, improvements to handling qualities, performance improvements for climb and hover operations, an increase in overall yaw control safety margins, and all while providing operators reductions in direct operating costs. Dual Tailboom Strakes – quickly and easily installed on the helicopter’s tailboom – organize and control aircraft rotorwash, reducing the undesired sideways lift on the left side of the tailboom. Strakes reduce the turbulence under the tailboom, reducing tail rotor pedal reversals by up to 48 percent.

Dual Tailboom Strakes are included as part of the for: , , , , , .

Available For:

Benefits Include:

  • Improved Hover-Hold Tasks
  • Reduced Airframe Fatigue
  • Improved High DA Capability
  • Reduced Torque
  • Reduced Tail Rotor Power Requirements
  • Reduced Operating Costs (fuel savings)
  • Improved Pedal Marfins


“We were the first Canadian operator to install Dual Tailboom Strakes, and we had great success with them right off the bat. We noticed an increased payload in our heli-logging work.”

- Jason Evans, Chief Pilot, Wildcat Helicopters

“The BLR Tailboom Strake has been an excellent purchase, we found that they’ve paid for themselves very quickly in our heli-logging operations, and there’s been a significant decrease in maintenance costs to the tail rotor and tail rotor drivetrain.”

- Mike Michaud, Owner, Wildcat Helicopters

“BLR has been excellent as far as any type of performance mods that we have done - especially the Strake. That has been an excellent modification to extend the life of the aircraft, and we really appreciate everything they’re doing.”

- Ray Newcomb, President, JBI Helicopter Services

“We found that we have definite increased performance out of the tail rotor authority. We no longer are necessarily riding left pedal stops all the time - particularly in our high-power demand situations where we’re trying to do a spot-drop or going into some tight water dip sites. We feel much more in control of the aircraft.”

- Dave Adams, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

“I believe that the Strake system not only takes pilot workload off, but obviously [gives us] a better piece of mind when we’re out there flying knowing that we’re flying something that’s safer.”

- Glen Giammalva, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

“When you don’t have to put in all that pedal to get the helicopter to do what you want it to do — that makes my job a lot easier.”

- Jerry Gray, Pilot, Hi Line Helicopters

“Fatigue in helicopters is an ongoing battle — tailboom fatigue in this particular model is a high priority. We do have to reduce that in order for this helicopter to operate safely. And utilizing the tail rotor more efficiently, utilizing less horsepower going to the tail rotor to counteract the main rotor torque is going to reduce fatigue and, therefore, increase safety.”

- Darin Hunter, Director of Maintenance, Hi Line Helicopters

Keywords: Aircraft, Helicopters, natural resources, Tail Rotor

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