Neural Therapy With Bee Venom

By: Bee Venom  09-12-2011
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Neural Therapy and Autonomic Response Testing Dedicated Materials


VeneX® - Apis Venenum Purum (prepared from Grade I. venom)
VeneX-10, 12.5 ml
VeneX-20, 12.5 ml
VeneX-20s, 2.8 ml
VeneX Forte, 12.5 ml

Some restrictions apply.

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Neural Therapy Workshops

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Keywords: Venom Therapy

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Bee Venom Therapy - Bee Sting Therapy Supplies

This 6" long, pharmaceutical steel quality, straight tip tweezers have been modified to allow for an adjustable distance between the tips. It holds a bee gently enough to keep it alive without causing an earlier release of venom. -- LM = Letter Mail; SP = Small Packets; Xpress = Xpress Mail. Specifically designed for bee sting therapy.


Bee Venom & Homeopathy

Compilation of hard to find homeopathic information, classification of Apis, product preparation, indications by symptom pictures and the known effects of bee venom on the human body. PRODUCTS Prepared from Grade I. bee venom, injectable, water clear, traditional Hahnemannian decimal potencies, hand succussed and standardized - HPUS.


Veterinary Apitherapy

Application:Veterinary acupuncture, holistic veterinary, veterinary homeopathy, homeoacupuncture, integration of alternative and conventional therapies,natural therapy. Arthritis & Rheumatism -- Bell's Palsy -- Chronic Pain -- Fibromyalgia -- Depression -- Hip Dysplasia -- Inflamed Joints -- Kidney Problems -- Muscle Strain -- Tumors. The Treatment of Bell’s Palsy in Dogs with Injectable Honeybee Venom.


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Pollen is from the environmentally pristine Peace River area of northern Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Propolis is gathered by American beekeepers, processed and standardized in USA manufacturing facilities. -- LM = Letter Mail; SP = Small Packets; Xpress = Xpress Mail. Bee venom is collected from around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Make your own tincture, cream, honey blend or capsules. Skin Healing Cream - Propolis Cream.