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By: Bee Venom  09-12-2011
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BeeTweezers - Straight:
This 6" long, pharmaceutical steel quality, straight tip tweezers have been modified to allow for an adjustable distance between the tips. It holds a bee gently enough to keep it alive without causing an earlier release of venom. Specifically designed for bee sting therapy.

PDT010 - Can. - $16.25CAD; USA & INT. - $12.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

This is the reversed version of the straight tweezers (6") with all of its features. It is most popular with beginners and those with multiple sclerosis as the pinch pressure needed to use them is less than conventional tweezers. Specifically designed for bee sting therapy, pharmaceutical steel quality.

PDT020 - Can. - $16.95CAD; USA & INT. - $13.50USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

Straight Tip Tweezers:
These 4.0" long, high quality stainless steel, fine pointed tweezers are ideal for removing the stinger from the skin. Pharmaceutical steel quality.

PDT030 - Can. - $7.75CAD; USA & INT. - $5.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.1 kg (LM)

Extra Long Tweezers:
These extra long 8", 10" and 12" pharmaceutical steel tweezers are ideal for applying bees to hard to reach places.

PDT040-8" - Can. - $16.25CAD; USA & INT. - $12.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP)
PDT040-10" - Can. - $17.50CAD; USA & INT. - $13.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP)
PDT040-12" - Can. - $18.75CAD; USA & INT. - $14.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP)

Chinese Bee Sting Therapy Box:
Tired of those expensive bees escaping from your glass jar? No more when you use this specially designed box for bee sting application. A plexi-glass window allows you to see what you are catching and the automatic rubber door prevents them from escaping even when you're taking out the one you caught. Bees will last for a week or two in the box. Dimensions: L=150 mm x W=100 mm x H=65 mm.

PDT050 - Can. - $56.25CAD; USA & INT. - $44.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.5 kg (SP, Xpress)

Bee Box:
This hand-held wooden box is ideal for those who are just starting bee sting therapy or practice Bee Acupuncture as it is known in Japan, Korea and China. It can hold 50-80 bees (one week supply) and provide them food and ventilation. The self-closing plexyglass door provides easy access to see and catch a bee for therapy. Dimensions: L=90 mm x W=56 mm x H=45 mm (L=3.54" x W=2.2" x H=1.77").

PDT051 - Can. - $28.50CAD; USA & INT. - $22.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

E-Z Lid:
If you ever tried bee sting therapy with the use of a glass jar and chased escaped bees in your house then you will appreciate the advantages of the E-Z Lid. Just replace the lid of your wide mouth Mason jar (1/2 qt) with the E-Z Lid and you are ready to explore the advantages of bee sting therapy. It ensures proper air supply and ventilation for your bees and through a self-closing trap-door ensures your expensive bees are used for therapy.

PDT060 - Can. - $16.25CAD; USA & INT. - $12.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

You asked for it! A simple device developed to reduce the discomfort that may occur with a bee sting. It provides a non-medicinal local anesthetic effect which speeds up the stinging process. It is hygienic, safe, easy to use and does not freeze the skin. Chrome plated.

PDT070 - Can. - $24.95CAD; USA & INT. - $19.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

This light weight device allows you to use a bee four to six times without the bee losing her stinger (bee saver). The quantity of the venom sac divides into smaller portions resulting in less pain, swelling and redness. It is ideal for the application of a test sting for sensitivity. It is made from high quality stainless steel mesh framed in plastic, light weight and with care will last a life time. Compliments our adjustable BeeTweezers.

PDT090 - Can. - $6.00CAD; USA & INT. - $5.00USD Shipping Wt.: 0.1 kg (LM)

A small hand held bee vacuum allows you to collect bees by sipping on a plastic hose which sucks the bees from the hive into a glass Mason jar. No batteries or electricity required, easy to use, safe and always ready when you are. Shipped without glass jar.

PDT110 - Can. - $21.95CAD; USA & INT. - $16.95USD Shipping Wt.: 0.25 kg (SP, Xpress)

Apitherapy workshops and MS groups receive a special discount with their order.

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