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By: Axia Software  09-12-2011

Once the list of preferred mitigation options for projects that need remedy is defined using REVEAL’s SOLVE Process, the list then transfers input to the SCORE Process where it is priority-optimized with the goals of aligning with corporate objectives and minimizing capital expenditures.

Prioritize . SCORE drives an analytical prioritization/optimization process that profiles Optimized Risk and Optimized Budget for each project. Thus “what if” planning horizons for a Capital Plan can be created that charts optimization over a number of years by either budget constraint or probability of failure. Accordingly, SCORE presents the following data views:

  • Project List highlighting both those optimized and those rejected
  • Gantt Chart for project scheduling over the years of capital spending
  • Capital Plan charting spending distribution
  • Optimized Dash Board tracking optimized projects, revealing their project drivers and the measured risk removed the network of assets

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