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By: Axia Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Asset Management, investment planning, Asset Investment Planning

The REVEAL Suite elevates Asset Investment Planning (AIP) well above typical implementations of new information systems that statically prioritize assets and offer limited visibility. Indeed, REVEAL dynamically scrutinizes asset performance and lifecycle data against corporate objectives encompassing ROI, Reliability, Safety, Reputation, Environment and Growth.

“Most of the data required to drive effective asset investment planning already exists! REVEAL elegantly transforms this largely unstructured data into coherent business decisions that can unlock the upside potential of an organization’s current spend opportunity.”

Trevor St. Germain, Axia President and CTO

Fully leveraging existing data sets and asset/work management programs, REVEAL software mitigates risk and drives prioritization to new analytical levels as it accurately charts end-of-life curves and provides multiyear rolling plans for adding, replacing and/or renewing critical assets.

At the heart of the REVEAL Suite is Axia’s Search-Solve-Score™  Process that streamlines the evaluation of physical assets, the design of remedial projects and finally the generation of an optimized capital spending plan.

REVEAL Software Benefits

  • Aligns engineering decisions with corporate objectives
  • Proactively identifies potential system issues and prioritizes remediation of critical problems
  • Enhances expert opinions by providing impact analysis, facilitating more effective decision making
  • Standardizes best practices for developing projects in a comparable and sustainable format
  • Builds knowledge libraries that support for future decision making
  • Creates multiyear catalog of ranked  optimized asset management projects with a quantified forecasted budget to maintain system performance at prescribed levels

Keywords: Asset Investment Planning, Asset Management, investment planning,

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