Algeria Tour (Tourcode: AG1)

Algeria Tour (Tourcode: AG1) from Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Ltd.

By: Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Ltd.  06-10-2010
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Landing in the capital city of Algeria, Algiers, we begin this 11-day tour by exploring the maze of small alleys and whitewash-wall houses in the old town known as the 'Casbah,' visiting a 16th century palace and soaking in the fascinating sights in a museum whose exhibits display a mix of Roman and Byzantine styles. We travel east from Algiers and stop in at various port cities along the Mediterranean coast to admire Roman ruins, a 5th century mausoleum, ancient theatres and wondrous scenery en route to Djamela, a World Heritage Site that is widely considered to be the most outstanding Roman site in Algeria. After gaping open-mouthed at the unrivalled ancient forums, temples, basilicas and triumphal arches on display, we make headway for another Heritage Site, this one located on the northern slopes of the Aures mountains; Timgad. Originally a walled city, an exploding population meant that Timgad's walls could no longer contain its inhabitants, but, in design, it remains to this day a prime example of Roman town planning and engineering. We pass through Constantine, taking time to view the old town and Great Mosque, among other sights, and journey on to Tassili National Park, known as 'the world's largest prehistoric art gallery' for its prehistoric rock and cave paintings and a place revered as a wildlife sanctuary of great natural beauty. We return to Algiers for the flight home.


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