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By: Purrfect Paws  09-12-2011
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                                        Stress-free ServicesHouse Sitting (No Pets):
- Daily or every 2nd day visits which are 15 minutes long
- Bring in the newspapers and mail
- Water indoor and/or outdoor plants
- Alternate lights and blinds for that "lived in" look
- Make sure doors and windows are locked for security
- Turn radio/tv on or off ** House insurance policies require someone to check on your home every 72 
hours, otherwise your insurance is void should something happen **
Pet Sitting:
           - Daily home visits which are 30 minutes in lenght
- One on one attention for your pets 
- Food and fresh water
- Administration of medication (oral or creams only) 
- Litter box or cage cleaning 
- Clean up of any pet messes 
- Yard time or walk for your dog 
- Playtime for your kitties 
- Brushing, if requested 
- All pets will recieve a report card for their parents to read when they return home 
- Mail and paper retrieval 
- Rotate lights and blinds for added security 
- Water indoor and/or outdoor plants 
- Turn radio/tv on or off
**NEW** Quick Relief Break/Scared Kitty Visit:       
- Daily home visits which are 10 - 15 minutes long 
- Will let your dog out for a bathroom break 
- Great for cats that find a pet sitters presence more stressful than beneficial Dog Walking: 
                - 30 minute dog walk around your neighbourhood 
- All walks are done on leash 
- All walks are done privately, only dogs from one household will be walked at one time 
- Towel dry and paws wiped in wet weather
Overnight Petting Sitting:      
- Nightly stays from 9:00pm - 6:00am the next morning 
Includes 2 walks, one in the evening and one in the morning
- this service is great for pets that suffer from seperation anxiety or need medication
      - Great for younger pets and seniors
- Availability is limited, so book well in advance if this is the service you requireLitter Box Changing/Yard Scooping/Pen/Cage Cleaning:     - Daily visits/weekly visits for litter box cleaning, yard scooping, pen or cage cleaning
     - Are you pregnant? Have back pain? Don't want to clean the litter box or scoop the yard?
- We can come to your home and maintain the litter box and your yard for you!

Keywords: dog, Litter, Pets